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This piece highlights our platform which enables users to identify evolving trends in Sustainability Reports, Annual Reports, and Proxy Statements to better meet investors’ needs.

Labrador Edit On Line (EOL)

Discover our innovative online tool that enables streamlined production and collaborative editing of corporate disclosures.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This thought piece provides an overview of the goals and examples of how US companies have been disclosing alignment with the goals in their annual ESG or sustainability reports.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Disclosure in Proxy Statements

Our in-depth analysis on the significance of ESG disclosures in proxy statements. Understand the importance of alignment and consistency, emphasizing the pivotal role of sustainability and governance best practices.

Messages from Leadership in Annual Reports

Discover how annual reports are now including insights from leaders beyond the CEO. This trend highlights deeper organizational unity and offers readers a broader view of business priorities.

How to Begin Your ESG Reporting Journey

Begin your ESG reporting journey with our step-by-step guide, which provides transparent direction on where to begin, helps you understand the importance of key reporting topics, and guides you in effectively communicating your ESG story.

Trends in Gender Diversity and Pay Equity Disclosures

In 2023, discussions surrounding gender diversity in the corporate world remain as pertinent as ever, especially as we celebrate International Women’s Day this month. See how disclosure practices in the US and Europe are evolving to meet growing investor and regulatory interest in our latest thought piece “Trends in Gender Diversity and Pay Equity Disclosures.”

Labrador Digital Report + Feedback

Transparent and useful online disclosures for your investors, rich information about reader behavior for you.

Disclosure Considerations After a Low Say-On-Pay Vote

This Thought Piece highlights examples of certain key disclosures that the proxy advisory firms want to see after a low say-on[1]pay vote. While some of the following examples are from proxy statements published by companies after a low say-on-pay score, others are from companies that publish these “best practice” disclosures as a matter of course.

Tips and Tricks to Edit your Document in Workiva

These technical tips and tricks have been compiled to guide you on how to use Workiva’s tools to edit, format and apply design elements to your reports efficiently.