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Artificial Intelligence Disclosure

As businesses explore integrating AI into their operations, our thought piece reflects on the intersection of AI and ESG, emphasizing key issues and topics for developing their next sustainability report.

Top 15 Blogs on RealTransparentDisclosure.com

Transparency Champion Broc Romanek shares the top 15 most popular blogs on RealTransparentDisclosure.com.

The Case for a Unified Disclosure Strategy

In our latest thought piece, our team shares some preliminary thoughts for companies to consider as they look to adopt a unified strategy for their corporate disclosures.

Improve the Readability and Transparency of Your 10-K Through Information Design

Our thought piece discusses ways to use overall styling and design elements to make your company’s annual report on Form 10-K more readable and in line with your other disclosure materials, which in turn can more effectively support your corporate messaging.

Modernizing your Code of Conduct to Elevate its Impact

Our latest thought piece discusses ways to structure and present your Code of Conduct so that it is relevant and influential, more effectively supports your compliance program and improves your overall messaging.

Trends in disclosures around sustainable procurement & supply chains

Our latest thought piece talks about the current trends in sustainable procurement and supply chain disclosure as stakeholders are expecting companies to provide transparency around these areas.

Human Capital Management

Our thought piece highlights examples to consider for your HCM disclosure in your annual report, ESG report and proxy statement.


Our Biodiversity thought piece examines why biodiversity is important, updates on new nature-related science-based targets and reporting frameworks, and outlines examples of nature-related disclosures from companies across diverse industries.

Intuitive Navigation

In our latest thought piece, we outline ways you can create an intuitive Table of Contents that facilitates quick content retrieval for your shareholders.

Labrador Digital Report

Transparent and useful online disclosures for your investors, rich information about reader behavior for you.