Purpose and Values

Transparency is our Purpose

Labrador brings together over 250 advisory, design, production, and web professionals dedicated to transparency in the USA, Asia, and Europe. Our Purpose is simple: we exist to offer the science of transparency to corporations wishing to communicate effectively with their readers.

Transparency by design

Labrador Values

Our growing team comes from different backgrounds in academia, business, design, communications, and corporate law, and share a special passion for our profession and client outcomes. We are guided by seven values that serve as a behavioral compass. Interested in joining a firm on a mission to improve the transparency of corporate reporting? Contact us!

Help others

We believe that companies play an important role in the modern world. Our goal is to help companies earn and retain their stakeholders’ trust. We do this by shaping their investor and stakeholder information to make it clear, accurate and truthful. The regulated information we produce is certified and therefore reliable, and we have gone a step further by defining what makes it transparent. Our mission is to apply the principles of transparency to make regulated information understandable for everyone. Transparency earns readers’ trust, which in turn creates value for the company. Our role in creating value is a source of pride and the driving force behind Labrador; as a company, we aspire to be of service and do good.

Pursue an ideal

We will always place the ideal of transparency ahead of our own interests. We strive to make complex topics clear, and we share our expertise. We anticipate rules, trends, and technologies to improve outcomes. We showcase industry best practices through the Transparency Awards and our studies. Yet we do not favor our own work or judge those who have not yet achieved optimal transparency. Our conduct reflects our values; we uphold confidentiality, pursue quality, and transform obligations into opportunities.

Believe in what we do

All ideas and innovations proposed by Labrador – for every business line – must have a clear benefit for the user. If disagreements arise, we face them head-on and suggest a clear, measurable path to progress that reflects our values. For that, we need courage to defend our true convictions at the risk of ruffling feathers, humility to improve, and modesty.

Cultivate our uniqueness

Regulated information is serious enough as it is, so we don’t take ourselves too seriously. If you approach obligation as a chore, it is painful and dull. But if you turn it into an opportunity to create value, it becomes inspiring and dazzling. While many other actors support compliance, we add clarity and transparency to the documents we prepare. We produce information that is accessible, not something that reads like it was written by experts for other experts. And we believe that education should be fresh, entertaining, and elegant to make people want to learn more and change their habits.

Decide to be optimistic

We have chosen to be optimistic. We aspire to be a global leader in corporate reporting as we maintain our credulous wonder in a world of skeptics. We have discerning taste, and our events are inclusive, unpretentious, and elegant, just like our offices. And we like a little bit of panache.

Always move forward

We reinvent our business daily. We measure our progress and our contributions to the market. Innovation is central to what we do – we do not copy. We aim to improve information, and accurate statistics inform our progress – after all, what is not measured cannot be improved, and proof is our truth. Our end goal is not perfection. It is an ongoing progress.

Move forward together

All opinions are valid and should be considered until a decision is made. Then, we all make every effort to help the project succeed. To do our best as a group, each person gives their all and contributes their unique talents to a shared goal. Innovation comes from trial and error. We must be patient with ourselves because things are never perfect on the first try. We know we might fail, but that is how we learn. Each person approaches their work in the way they want others to. Diversity, inclusion, kindness, high standards, and an understanding of other people’s challenges are the foundations of the Labrador community.