Webinar – Making transparency a success in troubled times

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The importance of corporate transparency and efforts to promote it have grown beyond mere tick-the-box exercises to become major initiatives incorporating investor relations (IR) teams, their governance colleagues and outside parties.

During a period such as this, with a major pandemic and major economic distress, transparency is an essential means of ensuring investors feel reassured that they know what’s happening at a company, where it is going – and also what the company may not know yet. The proxy statement, Form 10K, the corporate code of conduct and IR website are all key tools for sharing the company’s message and helping maintain successful relationships with shareholders.

Our panel of experts will discuss issues such as: 

  • What challenges the Covid-19 pandemic has created for IR and governance teams in their work on transparency, and how they have adapted
  • How companies are ensuring their proxy statement, Form 10K and IR website are effective and offer accurate, accessible, comparable and timely information
  • What lessons can IR and governance teams learn from this year in terms of designing their Form 10Ks and proxy statements in early 2021? What will investors be looking for?
  • Why plain language is so important for transparency and how companies can ensure they incorporate it into all disclosure documents
  • What are the most effective uses of technology in promoting transparency?

Speakers include:

  • Moderator: Ben Maiden, editor-at-large, Corporate Secretary
  • Molly Doran, director, advisory and design services, Labrador
  • Caitlin Kobialka, senior corporate counsel, Booking Holdings
  • Nancy Wright, deputy general counsel and assistant corporate secretary, Duke Energy
  • Lois Yurow, communication strategist, Labrador
Listen on-demand
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