Review of 2015-2018 Proxy Voting Trends

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Harvard Law School Forum, November 26, 2018 A study by The Conference Board and Rutgers Center for Corporate Law and Governance conducted in collaboration with FactSet and ESG data mining [...]

Keep Climbing: Boardroom Summit speakers urge improvements

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Increasing Board visits to company sites, considering new approaches to evaluating risk and improving transparency on compensation, governance and sustainability. These were among the many insights offered by speakers at [...]

G&A Institute Research Results: 85% of the S&P 500® Index Companies Published Sustainability / Responsibility / CR / Citizenship Reports in 2017

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Governance & Accountability Institute, 03/26/2018 Louis Coppola, EVP of G&A Institute who designs and manages the analysis, notes:  “Entering 2018, just 15% of the S&P 500 declined to publish sustainability [...]

Reporting on ESG initiatives: a tip or two

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After the SEC requested public comment on environmental disclosure back in April, they received hundreds of comments from industry groups, environmental organizations, labor organizations, public entities, investment managers, foundations and charities, consultants, legal and [...]

Board diversity and sustainability: why investors should look more carefully

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In an article from Briefing Governance entitled Board Diversity and Sustainability Proposals Achieve Majority Support, Ning Chiu cites two examples of recent ESG proposals that received surprisingly high support. First, [...]