Labrador and EY publish new Corporate Governance report

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Broad progress by European companies on governance, transparency and other stakeholder priorities is reported in the 2018 Corporate Governance Overview, being published this month by Labrador and EY. The report [...]

Getting ready for the activist at your door

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Chris Wightman, a partner and founder of CamberView Partners and formerly with Vanguard, recently shared his views with Labrador on investor-company relations, the effects of changes in ownership and shareholder [...]

The Proxy Access Battlefront for Next Season? SEC Staff Rejects Attempt to Exclude Proxy Access Shareholder Proposal

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Davis Polk's Briefing: Governance, 07/26/17 "Companies that had adopted the standard proxy access formulation of permitting a shareholder or a group of no more than 20 shareholders owning 3% or [...]

It’s Proxy Drafting Season: Here are some tips

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No matter where you are right now in your current proxy drafting process, take the time to review these important tips from last week’s Society for Corporate Governance Conference. There [...]