What is the Nominating and Governance Committee looking for?

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SpencerStuart, 2018 According to SpencerStuart's survey of 177 nominating/governance committee members, the top trends and priorities are: Recruiting profiles: 62% women, 49% active CEO/COO, 48% technology experience 66% considered or [...]

Board Lessons: Succeeding With Investors in a Crisis

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Bloomberg Law, 05/21/2018 Each year, a small number of companies confront crisis-level events that draw high-profile scrutiny from a range of stakeholders. A well-executed emergency response plan can help limit [...]

Keep Climbing: Boardroom Summit speakers urge improvements

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Increasing Board visits to company sites, considering new approaches to evaluating risk and improving transparency on compensation, governance and sustainability. These were among the many insights offered by speakers at [...]

Carl Icahn will nominate four directors to Xerox board

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Fortune.com, 12/11/2017 Xerox announced that activist investor Carl Icahn's organization will nominate four directors at its annual shareholder meeting in 2018. Former Icahn Capital managing director Jonathan Christodoro resigned from Xerox's [...]

UK corporate governance code changes to hit dozens of chairmen

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Financial Times, 12/11/2017 (subscription required) The proposed rules, set out in the UK's revised corporate governance code last week, state for the first time that chairmen should step down from [...]

Worried about regulatory reform? Don’t forget all eyes remain on your board

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As clues begin to trickle in about what kind of change looms on the regulatory horizon, it is important to remember that it’s not only about our government. Business leaders [...]