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Plainly: Labrador’s plain language solution


Plainly is the most powerful plain language tool on the market. With its artificial intelligence engine and its unique algorithm, Plainly analyzes the clarity of even the most complex text, based on 15 linguistic criteria. In just 3 clicks, your text is scored, enabling you to quickly identify the areas for improvement.

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How to use Plainly: 3 simple steps

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Want to go further?

Using Plainly is the first step in identifying your areas for improvement. But plain language at Labrador is not only Plainly! Labrador is a pioneer in the practical application of plain language to improve business communication. We are the first company to tailor plain language to professional use, thanks to our team of plain language experts.

Let us show you how our plain language offers respond to your unique needs. Whether you simply need a quick analysis of your communication or are looking for a full redesign to ensure your message is coming across clearly, we have the right solution for you.

Editing: Based on the Plainly analysis, our expert linguists simplify wording, grammar, and syntax to clarify your text.

Writing: Do you need more than linguistic edits? Our subject-matter experts make sure that your content and messaging are coherent, consistent and understandable for your target readership.

Design & readability: Now that you’re communicating your message in plain language, let us help you present it in the most effective format. Our teams will create a design that maximizes the effectiveness of your message.

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Our experts are at your disposal to answer any questions and to accompany you in taking your first step with Plainly.

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