Investor push for human capital reporting

Corporate Board Member, 07/13/2018

In a recent article by Dan Bigman, Editor and Chief Content Officer of Chief Executive Group, he outlines Ning Chiu’s, Counsel, Davis, Polk & Wardell, “top ten” human capital reporting highlights that she believes investors want to see in proxy disclosure. Kanzer, Domini Impact Investments, and Michelle Edkins, BlackRock,  both agree this list covers most of the issues they are looking for. Here is her list:

  • Basic data on employees: full time, part time, outsourced, by region.
  • Comings and goings. Hiring, recruitment and retention.
  • Diversity and composition. Race, gender.
  • Training and development programs, how many, how much?
  • Engagement, governance profess, wellness programs, work life balance programs, etc.
  • Labor/Bargaining. More important for some companies than others.
  • Health and Safety. Clearly more important for an oil company than for a software company.
  • This, she said, is the least reported piece of information among all the companies she’s looked at. Is it because it’s hard to do, or just not done? She doesn’t know, she said.
  • Wages and benefits.
  • Supply Chain. Who’s in it, what are their practices and are they aligned with the company’s practices.

Read the full article here.

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