Expert advice: updating your code of conduct – Part Two

We’re back for part two of our expert advice on updating your code of conduct. Here is part one in case you missed it!

A code of conduct is often called the foundation of a company’s corporate ethics and compliance program. If properly designed and communicated, it’s the single most effective and impactful part. In addition to empowering employees to make the right decisions, a solid code also provides a company with an opportunity to defend itself in the case of a compliance failure.

A few quick tips on making your code click in 2021:

Communicating your code

  • Don’t hide it – Post the online version of your code somewhere so that it is visible and easily accessible to your employees. Effective codes are easy to find with a just a few clicks from a homepage.

Expert Tip - Don't hide it

  • Bring it to life – A cutting-edge trend that emerged a few years ago is now becoming the new normal: Use interactive multimedia to help make your code real for your employees.

Expert Tip - Bring it to life

Real life deployment

  • Strong in the middle – Line managers are the frontline defense to ensuring compliance. Setting expectations for managers will help create a strong culture of ethics and compliance throughout the organization.

Expert Tip - Strong in the middle

  • Speaking up The more that employees feel free to report misconduct, the less likely it is to happen in the first place. Encouraging, expecting, and requiring employees to report concerns, as well as allaying any fears of retaliation will help create a strong speak-up culture.

Expert Tip - Speaking up

Reader tip: click the example images to see each company’s full Code of Conduct.

Contact our advisory team for more insights and information on how to improve your code. It’s readers will thank you!

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