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Who we are ?

We believe

“We bridge the gap between compliance and communication,
because what you say is only as important as what your readers understand”

Labrador is a maverick company.
As a communication agency with expertise in compliance, we bring together two worlds with historically conflicting goals to better communicate compliance.

In today’s world, compliance alone is not enough to persuade your stakeholders. Plain language and design are essential tools in presenting your company’s governance and compensation story to better attract and engage your target audience.

The 3 Best Proxy awards won by Labrador’s clients over the past 6 years is a testament to the power of these tools.

Communicating compliance takes time and we know that you don’t have extra time in your busy day. Labrador’s focus is on helping you save time in the proxy production process.

With this in mind, we developed EOL, a unique, fully-secure, cloud-based, collaborative platform, exclusively aimed at producing proxy statements and 10-Ks. EOL allows you to update your fully designed documents, 24/7, wherever you are, reducing your production time by up to 50% and concentrate on what really matters: turning your proxy into a valuable shareholder engagement tool.

Imagine what we’ll design for you.

We are

“A forerunner in proxy statement design”

After six years in the US and two decades in Europe, Labrador’s mission remains the same. We design and publish reader-centric documents which generate trust with shareholders, reinforcing their investment decisions.

Focusing exclusively on corporate disclosure documents, we have a unique insight into industry trends and best practices, and award-winning innovation and initiatives. Labrador offers a single-source solution for Advisory, Plain language, Design, Production, SEC filing, Print and Digital Solutions.

How it all began


Labrador is founded


Introduction of design and clearer disclosure of regulated documents in Europe


Labrador and the French Regulator create the “Financial Transparency Awards”


Creation of Labrador Translations, translating documents into over 30 languages


Labrador enters the US market to revolutionize regulated disclosure documents


Labrador client wins “Best Proxy” award by Corporate Secretary Magazine


Labrador expands Atlanta office - Two Labrador clients named finalists for “Best Proxy” award


Labrador client wins “Best Proxy” award


Labrador client named finalist for “Best Proxy” award - Official launch of Edits Online (EOL)


Labrador’s blog on regulated disclosure trends is launched - Partnerships with Equilar and EY - Labrador client wins “Best Proxy” award

Meet the team

“Content designers, trust architects”

Thinkers, experts, designers, advisors and project managers; we are all passionate about modernizing the disclosure process. Positioned at the forefront of innovation, we are both drivers of change and trend spotters, identifying new practices before they emerge. Take a glimpse into our world and meet the people behind the scenes.





















Ready to join the adventure?


“A unique place to work”

LIU is a collaborative project that started with the simple idea that all Labradorians should be active, engaged and enthusiastic contributors. This concept we have created is growing both in participation and enthusiasm day by day. Some of our values include:

  • PEOPLE Our people are our best resources
  • COMMITMENT  Perseverance and dedication
  • TEAMWORK Camaraderie and esprit de corps 
  • CONVICTION Passionate about our work 
  • INNOVATORS Creating change
  • PERFORMANCE We set the bar higher
  • ENTHUSIASM Happily serious, seriously happy 


“With great clients comes great responsibility”
  • Ecovadis Silver Certification, an independent CSR rating
  • Our score was 61/100 in 2016, greater than the average OECD company (45/100)
  • Member of the UN Global Compact
  • CSR Group Report and Code of Ethics available upon request
  • Promotion of the best transparency & information standards in the market
  • Active industry participation (partnership and collaboration with proxy teams, legal teams, auditors, and the SEC)
  • Industry participation in conferences and events to share industry best practices
  • Bi-monthly blog to share trends
  • White papers and studies
  • 3 Best Proxy Awards and multiple nominations since 2012
  • 5 Transparency Awards (Europe)
  • 98% Client Satisfaction Rate in 2016
  • Average Client Relationship: 8 years worldwide
  • Benchmark of Best Practices: USA and Europe
  • Confidentiality and security guaranteed to safeguard sensitive information throughout the entire process
  • Your Information is secured in a Data Center that meets the requirements of the US Patriot Act
  • Saving more than 5 tons of paper annually due to our efficient design (20% fewer pages on average)
  • Developing technology to limit the proofreading print version (EOL, online platform of Proxy Editing)
  • Working with certified printers (Certified Green, PEFC, ISO14001)
  • Using only non-toxic soy inks
  • Encouraging use of recycled papers (FSC or SFI certified)
  • Selecting vendors close to final delivery point to reduce transportation emissions
  • Fair trade terms with our network of partners and suppliers
  • Great place to work: competitive wages, average tenure over 5 years, LIU collaborative project, Supermood (weekly survey seeking employee input) and Happy News (monthly employee newsletter)
  • Governance: Monthly Q&A with Management, publication of the Group financial results
  • Talent Development (continuous improvement through training programs, career management, internships)
  • Diversity in workers: 73% female; 7 languages spoken
  • Management Team 40% female
  • Group CSR Report
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