Cybersecurity disclosure rules inadequate?

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Corporate Board Member, February 8, 2019 SEC Commissioner Rob Jackson Jr. believes the SEC should do more surrounding cybersecurity disclosure. Proposals worth looking into: Public companies should have cyber expertise [...]

Companies asked to go beyond SEC requirements surrounding employee disclosure

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The Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2018 Some pension funds and charitable organizations are pushing for additional employee disclosure outside of what is required by the SEC. A letter sent [...]

Executive Pay – Metrics Beyond the Numbers

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Semler Brossy, December 11, 2018 Companies are starting to implement strategic metrics that incentivize investments in the business which should lead to long-term growth. These goals need to be treated [...]

Review of 2015-2018 Proxy Voting Trends

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Harvard Law School Forum, November 26, 2018 A study by The Conference Board and Rutgers Center for Corporate Law and Governance conducted in collaboration with FactSet and ESG data mining [...]

CEO and Executive Compensation Practices: 2018 Edition

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Harvard Law School Forum, October 27, 2018 Released by The Conference Board, this report notes changes to executive compensation and the disclosure surrounding these changes. It details say-on-pay, board oversight [...]

What is the Nominating and Governance Committee looking for?

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SpencerStuart, 2018 According to SpencerStuart's survey of 177 nominating/governance committee members, the top trends and priorities are: Recruiting profiles: 62% women, 49% active CEO/COO, 48% technology experience 66% considered or [...]