Best of 2019

2019 was a great year for us! Check out the list below to see what posts were your favorite!

Top 3 Articles

#1 7th Annual Proxy Study

This year Labrador introduced the U.S Transparency Awards, which ranked the companies in the S&P 250 based on the quality of disclosure in their proxy statements, 10-Ks, and investor relations websites.

This report will explain shifts and trends in proxy statement disclosure, using our 2018 Proxy Statement Benchmark report as a baseline. To be clear, the 2018 Benchmark focused on the Fortune 250, which is a different group of companies than we reviewed for the Transparency Awards. In fact, only 138 companies appear on both lists. That means that, while the trends we identified for 2019 will be instructive, our year-over-year comparisons are not perfect.

#2 Meaningful Message: Inspiring trust through your CEO letter

The letter from the CEO or Chairman may be the most turned-to section in an annual report or proxy statement. Yet, many companies seem to be missing an opportunity to make meaningful connections with their readers.

#3 New tools for evaluating ESG

As companies increase their communication on their Environmental, Social and Governance actions, there has been a proliferation of ratings and rankings that attempt to assess performance. Two recently developed tools aim to cut through the noise and allow investors to better assess and compare company ESG performance.

Top Newswatch

Companies asked to go beyond SEC requirements surrounding employee disclosure
The Wall Street Journal: December 13, 2018

In case you missed it…

Check out the 2019 Transparency Award winners

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