After 10 years in France, the Transparency Awards have launched in the US!

After celebrating 10 successful years of the Transparency Awards in France, Labrador has applied the same methodology to the US market. Criteria are carefully selected and ranked based on their importance within the investor community.

  • Every company within the S&P 250 is ranked, with no entry and no fee.
  • They receive their own personal and confidential annual ranking.
  • The criteria are objective and were selected by an independent panel of stakeholders (investors, analysts, auditors, industry representatives, etc.) The criteria are made available to the public.


Accessibility, accuracy, comparability and availability Рin other words Transparency Рcan only be assessed through a wide range of criteria. Taken together, these criteria demonstrate the extent of a company’s commitment to improving the quality and completeness of information that is available to investors.

We defined the fundamental and universal principles of trustworthy corporate disclosure, based on four pillars:


The result of the Transparency Awards and its criteria encourages companies to adopt and innovate the way in which they communicate through their regulated disclosure. Below are some highlights from our research. Find out more at




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